We provide comprehensive services to our customers in the following areas


 The scope of our project developments includes:

  • medium- and low- voltage cable lines
  • transformer stations (indoor, free-standing, underground
  • lighting network in open spaces
  • electrical systems – full range
  • telecommunications systems (CCTV, fire protection, alarms, access control, IT, BMS)
  • I&C systems
  • smart buildings
  • lightning protection

 We provide comprehensive I&C services:

  • prefabrication of power supply and control boxes
  • installation and commissioning of measuring systems
  • wiring for process systems
  • PLC programming
  • SCADA programming
  • programming DCS distributed environments
  • telemetry systems



We provide comprehensive developments in smart buildings:

  • electrical systems in standard EIB KNX
  • full control of all the elements (light, heating, blinds, music, etc.)
  • integration with other appliances (fireplaces, air conditioning, saunas, swimming pools, etc.)
  • visualization on mobile devices
  • video surveillance and security alarm systems
  • high level of security in systems and communications

We also provide our clients with

Architect's supervision

As part of the documentation developed by our company, we also conduct author’s supervision, which involves checking the compliance of work implementation with project documentation and agreeing on the possibility of introducing alternative solutions if necessary.

investor supervision

Our company offers investor representation on the construction site in the scope of investor supervision. We control the implementation of the construction in accordance with the project documentation, schedule, and applicable standards and regulations. We carry out inspections and acceptance of construction works. We also conduct financial settlement controls for the construction.

Technical consultancy

Thanks to our experience and highly qualified staff, we provide a wide range of technical advice on optimizing project, execution, and control solutions. We will indicate what possibilities the technology of the present age offers. We will present and advise on the most optimal solutions that meet the expectations and needs of the client.



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